Resourcing With Contractors – Employers #1

Over the past couple of months, we’ve taken a fairly close and hopefully balanced look at the ins and outs of contract engagements. This month it’s time to get practical! Get out of your armchair, throw on your thinking cap and get planning to make a start on resourcing with contractors.


Before rushing out to find and engage a star contractor – stop. Plan first. Get out in front of the tricky bits first. What you want, why, for how long, how you are going to pay for it, how you will manage them.

Be clear on your drivers.

We’ve covered this in month one so make sure you know why engaging a contractor is the best strategy. This will help you assess whether the engagement was a success later.

Define the piece of work.

Specify, even over-specify what you want, what the deliverables will be, how you’ll measure success. Know what budget you’ll need and make sure you have this in the coffers!


Be clear about how you will manage the contractor including estimates of effort, delivery performance, conduct, and integration with your incumbent staff. Plan for regular catch ups. Also don’t forget time sheeting as you’ll need to sign off hours each week/month, something you’re probably not accustomed to doing!

Prep for onboarding them.

What will the contractor need in terms of equipment, software and other tools? What will you provide vs. what will they need to bring including laptop or desktop? Think about documentation that can get them up to speed and handovers with other staff if appropriate. Lots of contractors are not productive in the first week or so due to poor preparation which can cost you big bucks!

There it is – a giant step forward.