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The New Zealand (NZ) technology landscape is a diverse and interesting environment made up of a variety of opportunities for the aspiring new Kiwi. IT is a rapidly expanding export and it is one of our top foreign export earnings. With a GDP of around $NZ20b it represents a sizeable chunk of our spending and income. On the list of the top five paid salaried roles in NZ, IT roles always occupy four of these slots.

Geographically Auckland and Wellington are the powerhouses of IT in NZ. The great majority of corporates are headquartered in Auckland and the entrepreneurial start-ups, also feature heavily. As such, the multinational vendors are also headquartered in Auckland. Wellington is the home of Government and those that supply services or product to Government. Regional centres tend to be small in technology and are support-oriented businesses.

Where will you find work?

Broadly speaking you will likely end up finding work in one of two types of organisation; the end user of technology (public sector, enterprise and SMB corporates and so on) or a technology vendor (systems integrators, software houses, re-sellers etc). The former is focused on providing a solution to the broader organisations objectives and the IT ‘mission’ is very service centric (but no less exciting or challenging than the vendor world). The latter is businesses made up of technologists either creating, implementing, or supporting the technology itself. Both are equally important to the health and success of the overall economy.

What type of work will you find and what will it be like working in IT with Kiwis?

The actual technology itself is a mix of leading/bleeding edge and legacy. In some organisations, you’ll find COBOL developers sitting next to mobile applications and Silverlight gurus, whereas others focus solely on new innovative technologies. One of the greatest differences you’re likely to experience in NZ is the proliferation of small teams – it’s a simple virtue of the size of the organisations. This leads to the second main anomaly; employees are typically very broadly skilled and you’ll likely see them as a specialist rather than a generalist.

This environmental aspect leads directly to the prevalent attitudes of kiwi technologists. We are a nation of doers (more than leaders) and pride ourselves on our can-do mindset. We foster thinking in solutions not problems and love a spirited debate. Hierarchy is rarely a hindrance and you should not be surprised to see a developer disagreeing about a resolution or feature with the CEO. This mentality also manifests itself as companies punching above their weight and the businesses that buy the solutions taking risks you may not ordinarily associate with corporates.

When you have decided you want to work in IT in New Zealand there are a few things to consider before contacting us.

We've worked with many international candidates over the years and with this experience we have compiled a useful set of questions for you to ask yourself before contacting employers.

  1. What is the motivation behind moving to New Zealand?
  2. Do you and your family have enough information about life in New Zealand?
  3. Have you considered the costs of moving to New Zealand?
  4. How far along the immigration path are you - have you started this process? If not, please visit the Immigration New Zealand website for information, and to start the process.
  5. Do you have a house and belongings to sell before you move?
  6. Could you start work within 2 months of receiving a job offer?
  7. Will you pass all medical, credit and criminal checks which will be performed during the immigration and interview processes?
  8. What are your salary expectations?

For more help answering the above questions look at our Useful Information page.

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For information on how to best structure a CV for the New Zealand market, visit our CV Advice page.