ICT Connect

We're helping educate and inspire today’s youth about future options in the ICT industry!

If you’re reading this you’re probably already connected to the NZ technology industry in some way. You (or someone you know) are living proof a career in IT is possible in NZ. You’re also no doubt witness to the talent shortfall we’re currently experiencing.

For many Kiwis, there is the inaccurate perception that ICT is not a feasible career option for our school kids to aspire to, leading to graduate numbers in NZ dropping 45% between 2005-2010. We have a looming problem which will, as Josh describes it, “make the current skills environment look like a turkey shoot in comparison”. Enter ICT-Connect.

About ICT-Connect

ICT-Connect is the Institute of IT Professionals NZ’s (IITP – formerly NZ Computer Society) national in-school programme which inspires and educates young people about future options in the ICT industry.

ICT-Connect aims to change such perceptions and instead educate about the huge potential of the ICT industry here and the opportunities for our youth to be part of it. The programme has been designed to help teachers and schools get students excited about what a future in ICT can do for them. It is a long-term practical programme that will significantly contribute to resolving New Zealand's ICT skill shortage, at the same time introducing young people to a great career option in ICT. It does this through linking professional with students in schools, creating a channel for them to inspire and widen perspectives about industry opportunities for the next generation of leaders.

It's not "hard sell", but rather introduces students to ICT through first-hand accounts and presentations. Put simply, we’re aiming to show teens that an interest and skill in technology can be more than just a hobby – they can aspire to a career in ICT and enjoy great success doing so without going abroad. The NZ technology industry is growing and there’s a multitude of options available now.

The initial rollout areas for 2012 are Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Hamilton and Dunedin, starting in late July, with plans in place to eventually have ICT-Connect available to every secondary school in the country.

As a sponsor, we’re thrilled to be part of such a worthwhile initiative and encourage you to do the same. When we were approached by IITP to be part of the programme we jumped at the chance to make a difference. IITP has a strong reputation, a renewed and reinvigorated member base and a clear vision of what they’re trying to achieve for the industry. We have a vested interest in contributing to the ongoing success of the ICT industry and when approached to be part of ICT-Connect we couldn’t see a better opportunity to get involved. Not it’s your turn - Get involved and help educate and inspire the youth of today about future options in the ICT industry!

How you can contribute

Becoming a presenter in the ICT-Connect programme is straightforward and the only commitment required is your time. You will need to be able to put together and deliver a 25 minutes presentation about your experiences and view of IT as a career. You can choose how many schools to present to and how often, however the minimum expectation for presenters is 2-3 schools over several weeks. Simple!

Visit the ICT Connect website to find out more.

Alternatively you can get involved by contacting the Institute of IT Professionals NZ on 0800 252 252 or email [email protected]