Aylen Gomez Ovejero

Talent Manager
[email protected]

Year Joined:

Since I can remember, my vocation has always been understanding human beings and how can I help people with their issues and emotions in order to have a better life. From this I found Psychology to be the career that would allow me to support individual’s well-being, by promoting ways to live healthier and happier. My Clinical and Organisational Psychology background guided me to understand that work is an important area of a person’s happiness. Therefore, my core objective in Potentia is to understand people’s aspirations and goals and connect them with great job opportunities to expand their skills.

Phone: 095508553

On the weekend, I’ll most likely be...:

During weekends I love Reading, watching TV series and meeting with friends. Also, I love doing yoga and connecting with nature by going to the beach.

Weirdest food eaten:

I ate Fried worms in a night market during my trip around South Asia.

Music on my playlist:

I huge mix between Argentinian rock and reggae, Coldplay and Red Hot Chilli Peppers.