VP Product: Product for globally-awarded bus

- Homegrown blockchain vendor developing d-app for consumers of cloud compute
- Exec & board from Silicon Valley experienced in AI, Cloud compute, Blockchain, start-ups & VC
- Bring your experiences, ideas and contribute to and drive the product strategy

Company brief:

Blockchain.  The new land of the technology industry.  Where commercial opportunity abounds as described by futurist thinkers the world over.  This homegrown blockchain vendor is developing an ability for consumers of cloud compute services requiring large degrees of processing power (number crunching for AI for example) to connect with large players who have the extra processing capacity to provide on-demand cloud compute services. This platform will deliver a distributed application where token price varies on the basis of supply and demand.

State of the opportunity:

This fledgling business transitioning out of start-up phase has employed some phenomenal leaders onto its board and executive called in from Silicon Valley and the Bay area from backgrounds in AI, crypto, Cloud compute and VC.  Right now, they are forming up their next senior appointments to drive the next year of growth and formation of systems and teams. Once these are in place, the real action will start; to drive real growth of customers and the adoption of their decentralized services globally.

Role snapshot:

The person who comes into this role will be required to love the idea of a clean slate.  There's very little in place that will restrict you in defining the roadmap and systems, building the team and managing the partners that will provide the supercharged product capability this business needs.  

The role will be leadership:

You are the beachhead, this is where you bring in your experiences, ideas and contribute to and drive the product strategy.

Role functions:
  • Create product strategy & roadmap development
  • Perform global market analysis and validation
  • Lead product marketing & technical product management function
  • Marry product features to roadmap & engineering delivery capability
  • Research technology capability and incorporate into plan
  • Build relationships with customer and industry heavyweights
The fit:

You will need to have worked with technology businesses, particularly tech product vendors, in fast-growth or start-up stage catering to an international B2B audience.  You'll be conversant in the most current product approach, systems and technologies, capable of creating your own plans and managing expectations to implement these initiatives yourself.  Your product skill-set will be wide-ranging allowing you to contribute to the strategy and work with the current Chief of Product and Marketing to build the required systems and go-forward plan. The systems, teams and relationships will need to create product capability that will cater to a massive global audience and competitors with very deep pockets. This business can and will grow as rapidly as you can imagine.

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Ref: JLJO1811-48775

Job reference: JO-1811-48775

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