Senior Front-end Developer

Why you would like it:

- Principled problem-solving & engineering principles in practice

- Multi-faceted product with global vendor API strategy

- Salary + Stock options
Why now:
Rarely do businesses this young manage to develop IP that can be white-labelled and rolled out to partner businesses whilst also provisioning their own services directly into new markets like the US and UK.  These guys have. To achieve, initiatives underway inside the company including growth of their back-end delivery systems as well as expansion of product capabilities delivered through new features. As demands for an increase in digital basket purchase sizes and integration with Xero and other enterprise ecosystems hot up, so must the competencies of the team.  The business must be most impressive to the hearts and minds of their customers and to do this must tackle its technical challenges and create the best quality product for longevity and scalability. This can only be driven by the talent of the people they can bring in to understand the opportunity that this business's uplifting journey will provide.

The company:
The classic homegrown start-up origin story; two friends generate an idea that can be cracked by building the right tech.  They do so and stumble onto something huge. Just over two years later they receive a major cash injection from a true-believing business partner that fuels global expansion.  From fintech start-up to fast-growth fintech software vendor building technology that disrupts the stranglehold that debt, credit and finance companies have on consumers and provides businesses deeper loyalty from their customers.

Your role:
As much as the entrepreneurial leaders and their founding engineering team can do, the roadmap ahead is ambitious and unable to be delivered by the bright minds already there.  The current processes and architecture are not slap-dash and have been geared to be extensible and scalable. A coup for a young tech business.  

Currently, the team release and deploy 5-6 times/day and are using patterns and processes that you would usually see in larger shops.  You will be across three key areas:
  • Simplification and consolidation of architecture and technologies
  • Generation of customer value through new features and modules
  • Incorporation of international standards and integration/API development 
How it matches up:
A fast-moving, high performing team awaits that will be stimulating for those who have operated in structured environments and those who have been in start-ups - both will learn something new.  Given how new the business is and the growth it is experiencing, the founders want people to share in the spoils, so options and strong remuneration is expected. From their sunny, modern office in Takapuna, you will be able to use your skills in:
  • Angular, TypeScript, RxJs
  • Bonus if you know some - C#, .Net Core, API, Azure, SQL Server
  • Architecture/Patterns - CQRS, Event Sourcing, messaging, distributed systems
  • Engineering principles and practices (Example: SOLID)  
  • Strong CI/CD
  • Scalable software product development

Given the support and tight integration with the business partner, internal transfer could well be possible for those who are interested in being in Australia or perhaps even the UK.

If this has piqued your curiosity, then please pick up the phone or fire through a message to discuss.  


Job reference: JO-1911-50941

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