Coaching is a key part of Potentia’s wider service offering and is a synthesis of the best elements of personal development, mentoring, management and sports coaching.

We have two dedicated performance coaches who offer a range of coaching services, all of which are flexible and adaptable to meet your, or you as an employee’s needs. We offer post placement coaching for all permanent appointees as well as tailored programmes such as sales coaching, leadership coaching, and career coaching and advice. Both of our performance coaches originate from different backgrounds but apply the same principals of mentoring, management and sports coaching.

Why coaching?

The rationale for the introduction and combination with our recruitment offering is dual:

  1. Changing jobs is statistically proven to be one of the most stressful events in a person’s life – we want to minimise that pressure.
  2. Through providing you with additional support mechanisms geared towards assisting your transition into your new role, you will have greater opportunity for success.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is designed to help you to form an understanding as to where you are at both personally and professionally today, create what is possible for you in the future and then bridge the gap that exists between the two in order to gain a greater sense of purpose. It is an experience rich in rewards like no other program. Beyond phenomenal personal growth, you will gain powerful insights into yourself and your life, the whole time being encouraged and supported by a coach committed to positive outcomes. Coaching is a journey you embark upon, ultimately helping you to create an empowered life.

Coaching is a concept that is often misunderstood or misused with most coaching references in the workplace actually one-to-one training. The key difference is coaching is ‘ask, don’t tell’; it’s not instructional and is rarely conducted in a classroom situation.

Mentoring - A mentor is defined by the Oxford Dictionary as “a wise and trusted counsellor or teacher”. Particularly in the early stages of coaching where we look at all areas of your life, effective mentoring from an impartial advisor is an essential ingredient of successful coaching. At the inception of your coaching program, you will go through a powerful goal setting exercise, which allows a consistent focus to be created for the duration of the coaching experience. Creativity forms an integral part of what we do at Potentia, and a real consulting flavour enhances this rewarding and occasionally challenging goal setting exercise.

Management- An essential ingredient of an effective manager or management of your projects is the ability to set strategies, or take the big picture and break it down into feasible pieces. Transferring those strategies into day-to-day tactics is how amazing feats are accomplished. Would the Egyptians have even begun work on the pyramids had a project manager not broken it down into an exercise of moving stone? Additionally, a manager will take a monitoring viewpoint and ensure that regular progress is made towards the goals.

Sports Psychology - Any world-class sports coach takes people who are already the best at what they do and encourages them to achieve even more. Utilising the benefits realisable from an effective sports coach allows you to:

  • Experience the stretch factor in having someone encourage you beyond the point where you may normally stop.
  • Have an external viewpoint and feedback mechanism, allowing you to raise your game beyond what only you can see.
  • Have someone 100% committed to your success and acting constantly as your personal cheerleader.

We don't discuss specific outcomes as i) coaching is a confidential conversation between two people, and ii) your experience and resulting change is likely to be very different from someone else - coaching is tailored to your needs rather than a prescriptive course.

What Coaching is Not

Coaching is not counselling or therapy. Whilst some value is derived from understanding why you are the way you are, 'rear-view looking' will only ever be a supporting tool for us. We believe real power is attained by creating your future and becoming the type of person who attains that future.

Coaching is not consulting. Consultants tell you what the solution actually is. Coaches work with you to find the path and then ensure you follow through!

Coaching is not training. Trainers tell you how to do it, coaches work with you to discover what is missing and then help you with the acquisition of those skills.

Coaching is not about generating a win at all costs mentality. It's about achieving a win/win state of mind.

How Coaching Works

The structure of the coaching sessions are flexible but our recommended offering incorporates a minimum of three one-on-one sessions with our coaches. The sessions last approximately an hour and are conducted over the phone.

  • The first meeting focuses on what is possible for you, attaching powerful reasons to these desired outcomes ensuring ongoing focus through the series.
  • Session two breaks the goals into manageable parts, being strategies. This provides a map of how you will achieve the goal.
  • Subsequent sessions are where the fun really begins, as you start to live into the life you are creating, getting into action and growing exponentially along the way.

Throughout the coaching experience, you can count on:

  • The whole series is based around what you believe is possible for your life, not what we think is best, there will of course be some stretching!
  • The comfort of a confidential process is paramount to the client/coach relationship.
  • Potentia coaching is permission based, meaning if you don’t want to explore an area then we will respect your wishes.

View our coach’s staff profiles.

To discover how coaching can work for you, or the circumstances where coaching is highly effective, please contact us for more information.