Winter is coming

Winter is Coming

Winter is coming...

This is a handy reference to the ever popular (certainly in my house and around the water-cooler) “Game of Thrones” and the recent cold snap that has hit New Zealand. Whilst set in some fantastical medieval time, it presents a useful metaphor for technology; you never know who will die next. That’s kind of like technology right? Perhaps. We’ve all seen a huge range of tools, apps, platforms that have just come and gone. Some promising the world and delivering only a chunk, others actually very useful apps that have been swallowed into the bowels of a much larger monster. Who proceeds to integrate it with their much bigger and pricier tool, or just kill it. Like a cat with a mouse it never intended to eat.

So why this maudlin reflection? With the rate and pace of change we see all around us, it becomes more important than ever to be constantly aware of keeping our skills, knowledge AND businesses relevant.

Josh Comrie, Managing Director