We have some news to share with you...

Since forming Potentia twelve years ago, I’ve had the privilege of leading a group of great people to build a wonderful business. Along the way, we’ve overcome varied challenges whilst enjoying continued growth, and we’ve been lucky enough to win a bunch of external accolades. It’s been a rush, and now it’s time for something different. Nathan Bryant-Taukiri who has managed the business with me as a partner over the past five years will be stepping into the Managing Director role so I know the business is in exceptionally good hands. I will retain a seat on the board but next year I’ll be back in start-up land – something techy... For all your support over the years, I’m deeply grateful. Keep in touch online!

Josh Comrie

It is with much excitement and enthusiasm that I take the reins at Potentia, a business I am immensely passionate about. I’m certainly going to miss Josh. He is a close friend who I have worked alongside for more than a decade. The distinctive threads of his contributions will always remain in the fabric of Potentia. We’re fortunate to retain his valued input as a director and look forward to him trying to tell us what to do over the boardroom table.

I thought it appropriate to properly introduce our leadership team to the Potentia community and share some insights around what to expect from us…

First up - me.

I joined Potentia at the end of its first year in 2005 to help Josh grow the business while it was in start-up mode. I have always been enamoured with technology and all of my career choices have been true to this fascination. I have revelled in the opportunity to connect with and support the growth of exciting kiwi firms who have either built a business around an innovative tech offering or have harnessed tech-centric solutions to drive innovative change into their core businesses. I’m an avid researcher of emerging approaches to business, currently the nexus of data-driven analytics based decision making, as a service economies, and the adoption of digital business models. In the past 18 months, I’ve led Potentia on this journey to transform our internal processes and systems to a contemporary state. 

I’m proud to make another announcement, the promotion of one of Potentia’s original stalwarts to the role of Permanent Business Manager, Julian Lambert.

“Nigh on ten years ago, I joined Potentia young, fresh faced, eager to grow both NZ’s Tech sector and Potentia.  Sadly, I’m neither young nor fresh-faced anymore.  But, that burning desire to drive growth has not faltered.  My vision to capture global recognition for our Tech community and Potentia as high-value innovators has only just begun.

Most of my curiosity and interest has been developed within the fast-growth, software and electronics product vendor arena.  Here, a tremendous difference can be made to these often short-handed new businesses.  Through Potentia’s key appointments and introductions; these teams can work faster, more effectively, incorporating global standards within their tools, processes and approaches to produce greater world-first products.  And in turn, these guys put NZ on the map.” – Julian Lambert

Abinesh Krishan is our Client Strategy Director and also runs our contracting business.

“I am a long time IT practitioner and have led large teams across most domains if the IT
lifecycle spanning both the application and infrastructure verticals. I am passionate about large enterprises realising business benefits through well-orchestrated and governed portfolios and programmes of work.  While my interest lies in ensuring programme and project best practices are followed from a compliance perspective, I am also aware that this counts for naught if the ultimate business case benefit realisation is not achieved.

I am extremely fortunate to leverage this experience as the Client Strategy Director at Potentia and most importantly to ensure that the Potentia service catalogue intimately aligns with our client and candidate requirements. The brave new “as-a-service” paradigm in an “on demand”  world mandates the need for IT shops to continually innovate and modernise to remain relevant - something dear to my heart.  The challenge to effectively resource these modernisation initiatives is what motivated me to transition to Potentia. My challenge remains to ensure that Potentia remains relevant in this rapidly evolving IT landscape through continual innovation. “ – Abinesh Krishan

Our Vision

Our vision is to build an innovation-centric resource solutions business, recognised as first class globally. A business with class-leading standards, one that the best in the market flock to for a superior experience. The most connected and respected.

Each of the leaders in Potentia has a unique voice and view to share, over the course of these newsletters and within events that we will host. We’ll be sharing data-backed trends we see both globally and locally, particularly around the changing shape and makeup of the industry from process, technology and people perspectives and we’ll look to experts in our Potentia community to corroborate these trends or provide contrary views based upon their insights and first hand experiences.

We look forward to interacting more closely with you all and welcome any feedback and suggestions.


Nathan Bryant-Taukiri, Managing Director