Potentia picks New Zealand's next top talent

Potentia's MD Nathan Bryant-Taukiri and Ena Sun, recipient of the 2016 Potentia Scholarship

Picture: Potentia's MD Nathan Bryant-Taukiri and Ena Sun, recipient of the 2016 Potentia Scholarship

New Zealand’s leading Innovation, Digital and Technology (IDT) recruiter has continued its support of the next generation of tech talent by awarding Ena Sun the prestigious Potentia Undergraduate Scholarship for 2016. This is the third year the scholarship has been awarded to a student in their final year of study at the University of Auckland and Ena was a clear winner in the process.

“As a key contributor to tech-focused careers of many New Zealanders, Potentia was eager to ensure that this support extended all the way to the grass roots of the IDT industry; the Potentia Undergraduate Scholarship is one way we do this,” explains Nathan Bryant-Taukiri, Managing Director of Potentia.

“Each year we are impressed by the calibre of entrants and 2016 proved no different. Ena Sun is an exceptional student with a strong understanding of the New Zealand software development industry and a mature approach to her professional development. We believe Ena has excellent potential to be a significant contributor to the IDT industry and we are delighted we can help with her journey.”

Ena is in her final year of a Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Commerce Conjoint Degree with a Computer Science and Finance major. She aspires to become a software engineer that uses her knowledge to innovate and develop products that benefit society.

For Ena, the monetary value of the scholarship is welcomed but it’s the honour of being named the recipient that provides her with motivation to continue her hard work and focused efforts. She also sees her position as one of responsibility, to help mentor and encourage young girls to enter the Computer Science industry and challenge the stereotype.