Our latest IT Salary Report is out now

Latest IT Salary Report

The Salary report shows what ICT professionals are currently being paid and the latest hiring trends.

The findings will enable you as a hiring manager or job seeker to establish a realistic expectation for salaries and contractor rates in IT occupations in New Zealand.

Download the IT Salary Report (PDF).

The key trends we found this year were:

  1. It is evident that large enterprises have progressed their digital transformation strategies from planning to execution. This has manifested in the creation of several Chief Digital and Chief Data Officer roles and a subsequent increase in senior management roles in this domain.
  2. There is heightened awareness with regards to quality assurance generally across all aspects of the IT landscape. This has resulted in an increased need for high quality IT products and services pushing up demand for Testers, in particular Automation Testers.
  3. There is an increased demand for Software Developers other than the traditional .Net and Java Developers.
  4. More hiring managers are asking for specific industry and hands-on experience as part of their requirements.
  5. Soft skills are still highly sought after - hiring managers want individuals who can communicate with the wider business or clients, and with senior roles, there is an expectation that candidates can effectively present to Boards as well.
  6. With a candidate-driven market, there are many choices and we are continuing to see hiring managers offering packages that are more attractive to ensure that they induce top talent.
  7. NZ immigration continues to increase the number of ICT job visas given out year-on-year.

Download the full salary report with the latest Permanent Salaries and Contractor Rates for IT Professionals in New Zealand.