Job market update

Job market update

Contract and permanent job market update

Contract job market

The current contract market is strong with large-scale transformation/change programmes across a number of enterprise environments. We are seeing consistent requests for development, test and project delivery resources (Project Managers, Business Analysts and Project Coordinators).

With the ongoing utilisation on modern delivery approaches i.e. iterative delivery, we are seeing the uptake of contractors on short-term engagements from clients with a clear notion of possible extension. More contractors are seemingly more open to taking on shorter rolling contracts compared to previously.

Some of our most recent roles have had such quick turnaround times that it pays to keep us up to date with your movements and availability dates and register your details with us if you have not already done so.

Watch the space!

Sam Nowell, Account Manager

Permanent job market

The current permanent market is being largely dominated by a number of leadership roles and senior delivery roles. There are a number of Development Manager, Team Lead and Tech Lead roles open at the moment that our clients are hiring for. This is quite exciting as this is largely due to growth and new funding. The growth and new funding is leading to new products and services being developed and new teams are being built to deliver on such products and services.

The second strongest ‘player’ in terms of vacancies is still that of a Senior Software Engineer/ Developer. We have a screaming need for good, talented Front End Developers, UX/ UI Designers, Integration Developers, .Net, Java, CRM and Salesforce – to name a few! The ever-evolving tech world keeps adding on more and more new tools to ‘play with’, and new platforms and languages to use. We are seeing a number of new, emerging skills that our clients are now asking for, such as skills in machine learning and linear data; skills in Flux, Node and ReactJS, skills and experience in Apache Kafka and Hadoop, and the list goes on.

In general, we are feeling very optimistic about 2016 and are looking forward to helping the Auckland tech sector achieve great success and noticeable growth by the time next Christmas is here.

Aksana Rusakova, Senior Account Manager

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