Building our capability

James Barwell-Smith, our new Associate Talent Manager

This month we welcome James Barwell-Smith to our team as an Associate Talent Manager. We’ve hired three recent graduates this year and James is the second who is pursuing a recruitment career to work more closely with people as he doesn’t see himself as an engineer.

James has just completed his Bachelor of Software Engineering at the University of Auckland. An engineer with promise, James was part of a team that won the award for the best project, developing a Google-Street-View-like mobile app to help students navigate the maze of buildings on campus. However, James realised toward the end of his degree that crafting code full time is not for him. Having spent the past five years in part-time customer service and sales roles, his affinity for people helped him make the career-defining decision to join Potentia.

We’re looking forward to enabling a new era of connectedness to our job seeking community, particularly through James’ ability to empathise with engineers and help build our team’s collective competence around understanding the software development domain. In hiring James, I’m reminded of a blog that stood out to me last year from Willem Wijnans.

I’m not sure I agree that technology recruitment is broken, but the concept of having subject matter expertise has and always will resonate, and helps ensure that recruiters can offer a differentiated service.

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