2015 Potentia $10,000 Charity vote

Vote for a deserving charity

Vote for a deserving charity 

Each year instead of giving out corporate gifts at Christmas, we run a public vote where one deserving charity receives the Potentia $10,000 Charity grant in time for Christmas.

This year our clients have helped us in selecting the charities to take part, so now it’s up to you to help determine who will receive the $10,000 grant.

Visit our Facebook page to vote for the charity you believe is most deserving of the Potentia 2015 $10,000 grant! (Click here if voting via mobile)

This charities involved in this year's vote include:

Lifeline Aotearoa Communicare Friendship Centres  SPCA New Zealand  Arthritis New Zealand The Lonely Miaow Association Discovery Foundation  Autism New Zealand Habitat for Humanity Auckland