Working with us as a Contractor is easy and seamless

Contract work on a tablet

We continuously have requests from prospective contractors on how to effectively transition into a contract opportunity.

While our website and blogs have a significant amount of information in regards to the process and things to be wary of, we are privileged to have one of our recent contractors Jason Perry share with us his experience of having worked with us to find a new contract role. We asked Jason Perry to share with us what it is like being an IT contractor and working with the Potentia team to enter into a contract.

So here is his story….

I am an experienced IT consultant and Project Manager and recently I had the pleasure of engaging with Potentia as part of my search for a new contract role. As it was my first dealings with Potentia I did not know what to expect through the candidate recruitment process with them, but like any customer of a service, you expect a professional, friendly and efficient service. And that is exactly what I experienced with Potentia.

The first step, like any company involved in talent acquisition should do, is to understand who you are dealing with. In Potentia's case they wanted to get to know me and to gain an in-depth sense of who I am and what skills, experience and capabilities I have that they can use to market to their clients. Understandably, this process can range from being as tense as a formal interview or as relaxed as an informal cup of coffee. Potentia struck the right balance and made me feel relaxed while undertaking a constructive interview to explore what I am good at as well as my ideal contract – including gaining an understanding of the cultural context of organisations that I was most interested in working for.

Fortunately, I was given the opportunity to enter into a contract shortly after this interview through Potentia's extensive client base and networking capability. They indeed do have an extensive coverage of the IT market in Auckland – one that I understand has been developed and nurtured over the past 12 years of continued existence!

The next step in the process was to sort out the formalities; which Potentia made a straight forward process. This included setting up the payment of invoices, arranging professional insurance indemnity (as required), and even providing other contracting support requirements for tax – an extremely professional end to end customer experience that fully supports you to start your contract as soon and as effectively as possible.

Post-contract you may expect that the job is done. However Potentia follow-up personally and see how you are getting on. This is great follow-up service and provides an opportunity to get any feedback on improving the process as well as maintaining an enduring relationship.

We then followed up with Jason Perry to find out what this means for his next contract?

This is an easy choice, as I will use Potentia again, knowing that they are working for you and their clients to provide the right people for the job – a triple win strategy!

I would like to thank Jason for his narrative and explaining how the process worked for him to help you gain an insight of how seamless your experience can be with us. It is evident from this that a simple, easy to follow process remains the foundation for an effective client and candidate experience. This is exactly what our people here at Potentia strive to achieve daily. We also want to emphasise that if you are new to contracting, our process will support you with ease through the stages of setting up as a contractor to ensure you tick all the boxes and have your business in order. We are more than happy to help with any questions you may have along the way, as it’s important to us that you enjoy becoming a contractor and taking the control into your own hands.

If you are looking for a smooth transition into a contracting opportunity, we would love to hear from you.