Setting up as a contractor: your CV

Powering up your CV as a Contractor

Your CV needs to be optimised for the eyes of prospective contract recruiters and contract hiring managers. Look at your CV through their eyes. They’ll want to see a heavy-hitting, concisely worded CV, laden with upfront evidence of your ability to meet their urgent, specific requirements.

Recent experience

Obviously they’ll need to see sufficient evidence of recent roles, ideally of a contract nature, where you have done pretty much exactly what they want. If you’re just starting out in contracting that could be difficult, but what you can do is word the description of your current or previous role to focus on the relevant aspects and technologies of the contract role. Make sure it’s 100% accurate though, no overselling! Make the descriptions concise, relevant, project-oriented, outcomes focused, and suitably detailed to reveal what you actually did. Not verbose. Make sure you state which roles were contracts and which were permanent.

Project orientation

This is mentioned above but warrants its own point. Most contracts you’ll be applying to will be for specific projects. To that end, it’s important that you present yourself in a project light. This means showing that you can pick something up at a certain stage of the project lifecycle and take it through a fairly structured process to the defined completion point, doing the bits you’re responsible for along the way. Adhoc, loose approaches will not be deemed as transferable as those that show a defined approach. It’s all about what is transferable from your past roles into your future contracts.

We welcome any questions you have about preparing your CV, and will happily provide you guidance on the above as well as some of the nuances that come with CV writing for contracting. 

Now that you have powered up your CV find out how to ace the interview.