Zoom Zoom ZOOM… Gen Z

Zoom Zoom ZOOM… Gen Z

With a New Year ahead of us and the classes of 2014 embarking on pastures new, there is a generation nipping at the heels of Generation Y… the fast approaching cohort of ‘Generation Z’.

This new generation is coined the ‘Gen Zoomers’, and they are shedding a different light on the future of the workforce and attitudes to career opportunities.

So, who exactly are the Gen Zers?

Their central feature is that they’re born just before the start of the Millennium. Those falling under this new ‘category’ are even more different that their predecessors. Most interesting to us here at ICE Professionals is how this new generation will shape and fit into the workplace.

So what do they actually expect?

The rough wish list detailing what this generation wants when it comes to a career:

  • There is nothing more fast paced than the digital era which Gen Zers have grown up in. These digital natives are more ready than ever to enter the world of work and are very eager to begin their careers early.
  • They want a certain amount of freedom and professional commitment from their employer, as well as the flexibility and reward to boot.
  • Gen Zers are much more aware of the economic impacts facing society, having grown up during a period of economic uncertainty, as well as experiencing eruptions of terrorism and political unrest. Therefore, they are thought to shy away from classic professions, towards more unconventional or entrepreneurial positions where they have the capacity to experiment.
  • They feel strongly about the impact of their actions on themselves and those around them. Looking back on a childhood where the biggest stories in the headlines were centered on bad decisions and misjudgment; they realise the importance of well-intended, well-meaning, discerned actions.

As an employer, you must be thinking… what exactly can they bring to the table?

As those in the technology sector are aware, they are constantly asking “what’s next?” Therefore, employers must be ready to handle this new wave of dynamic and determined employees. One thing that employers must realise is that Generation Z is more connected than any generation so far. With most having contacts 10,000 kms away at their fingertips, they grow up much more globally aware and diverse. Living their lives like this, it’s hard for them to imagine that anything is impossible, so don’t be surprised if most Gen Zers you come across are overly ambitious!

This new generation is deemed to be a smart, ambitious, entrepreneurial and extremely tolerant generation, born into a digital world – with a digital way of doing things. As a result, it’s key for organisations to keep abreast of these individuals’ aspirations as they enter the workforce to ensure that they tailor their approach to on-boarding.

Author: This blog post was written by Nuwanthie Samarakone, Director/ CEO from ICE Professionals Limited.