Your greatest asset

Brain - greatest asset

We enter into this world with it and leave with it.

I believe that you actually only ever have one real and true asset; not your family, your charm or even your good looks. Not even your car! This is worth dwelling on - I LOVE cars, but even the most advanced supercar in the world pales in comparison to the asset we all have between our ears. That cliff-top mansion on Paratai Drive doesn’t even begin to compare. 

You actually only truly have one asset – yourself! Or more specifically – your mind.

I’ll apologise now as this is a wee bit of a self-improvement rant. It’s only 500 words though so why not have a go… after all you’d probably read 500 words on how to increase the value of your greatest monetary asset – so why not this?

Firstly, what do I mean by your mind? This is not a scientific breakdown per se, but rather the way I consider this most sophisticated (and complicated) asset:

1. Your state of mind or emotional state – the way you feel about things. We all feel hugely inclined to do things that make us feel good and avoid those that make us feel bad. What Sigmund Freud called ‘The Pleasure Principle’. It’s not rocket science, but can help us understand our motivations, procrastinations and hesitations.

2. Your cognitive mind and ability to process complex information and resolve problems. This is how you reason with issues or consider things that are unfamiliar. You know how difficult (and rewarding) it is to do something new, be it to learn a new sport or drive to a new place – that’s your neural processing power running on overdrive, which is hard!

3. Your personal experience or knowledge base that you draw on to gain context and understand things, situations and people. Having an understanding of historical goings on, be it politics, war or business gives you a perspective you can apply to re-frame it or learn from others experiences.

So it’s the emotional and reasoning tool/database you have between your ears. Why wouldn’t you want to make it better?

Why do I think it’s so important? Well, all the other ‘assets’ you aspire to acquire in life are governed by this one. Now that’s a potentially contentious statement to make so let me clear that up; I have always subscribed to Henry Ford’s adage “whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re probably right”. Meaning that whatever you set your mind to – you’re likely to achieve.

In line with one of my blogs around getting the hard stuff done first, is there something that you’ve always wanted to do that you’ve put off? Reading a book on a certain philosophy, learning a language or gaining new skill?

I’m hoping that the takeout from this blog post is that you, and only you, are in control of how you manage, grow and develop this asset. Don’t wait for the start of the year, NOW is the time to set a lofty new developmental goal and achieve it!