Viva NZ Tech

Viva NZ Tech

Nathan Bryant-Taukiri, Managing Director of Potentia, explains why we're partnering with schools to help open young people’s eyes to tech as a potential career path:

Our technology sector is incredibly exciting and one we should all be damned proud of.

A little country of barely 5 million people may sound like a drop in the ocean among populous, influential nations where the biggest tech firms originate. But we’re clever, canny and audacious.

Many great kiwis continue to make ripples around the world with their irreverence for knowing their place, creating world-firsts or going head-to-head with the best.

In short, we love this sector and are grateful to be part of it, helping businesses to grow and contributing to the tech-focused careers of many New Zealanders and those who have moved here from overseas.

The NZ tech sector depends on great people. It’s the country’s third biggest exporter and is set for exponential growth, expanding at a double-digit rate year-on-year. The possibilities are without limit.

Fostering these dreams and fortifying our tech future is in the hands of young peopleWe need to stoke kids' passion for wielding tech to create better realities and inspire them to pursue tech careers.

We’re eager to further our support of the next generation of innovators and ensure that this extends all the way down to the grassroots level of the sector.

Our new Future Innovators in Tech programme aims to support and enhance the uptake of digital technology skills in schools. We’re offering Primary, Intermediate and Secondary schools in Auckland the opportunity to apply for a $10,000 grant from us to kickstart an exciting initiative within their technology educational programmes.

Entries close on 14 April and further information can be found at