The Art of Job Interviewing

Do you get frustrated by interviewing? Dislike going through the niceties and just want to cut to the chase? I know how you feel!

In my nearly 20 years of working in recruitment and managing others, I’ve interviewed over 3000 people. My first interviews were pretty awful, I recall as a 22 year old (with nine months of corporate experience behind me) being thrown into the deep end; “Josh can you interview this guy he’d be good for your team”. And the guy was already waiting. I was more nervous than the candidate, and he sensed it. Suffice to say, an employment contract wasn’t the outcome.

After my initial poor attempts it was pretty obvious that there was some room for improvement. In fact I probably couldn’t have been worse. So I’ve spent the years since honing the interview craft (Arts and Crafts anyone?) and seem reasonably able to identify those people most likely to succeed.

You may know that I have written an e-book for candidates titled “Professional Dream”, which is available on our website. The next logical piece was of course to share some of my interview experiences in the hope you may be able to avoid my mistakes. Not in a memoir’s “confessions of a recruiter” sort of way, but rather a ‘how to guide’. The former would be a lot of fun, but way less value. Next time!

In this e-book I’ve broken down the various aspects of interviewing from simple hygiene things like where to interview and for how long, to the very complex and difficult subject of interpretation of what’s been said. This latter aspect is where the rubber meets the road of interviewing – anyone can ask scripted questions after all.

What qualifies me to do this? Well outside of the 3000 plus interviews I’ve run, I’m an accountant by trade. No wait that’s not it… I read a lot and am interested in psychology, neuroscience and humans in general. This stuff has given me a bit of grounding to my work, and hopefully a little more use for you.

Enough selling, the book is free anyway, all I’d ask is that if you have some feedback for me please do share!

You can download a copy of 'The Art of Interviewing' here.