The 10 most in-demand job skills

The 10 most in-demand job skills

Cloud and distributed computing is the most sought-after skill among employers for the second year in a row, according to the latest LinkedIn data. The Top Skills of 2016 list (released this week) also highlights demand is growing for people with cybersecurity, data analysis and UX/UI design skills.

Nathan Bryant-Taukiri, Manging Director of Potentia Recruitment, says the technology disruption is driving this demand: “Tech is not just transforming our daily lives but also the whole job market – it is not purely about start-ups and digital businesses.”

“Tech is truly changing the way we do all kinds of business, right across the country and globally. Professionals with tech skills will increasingly be needed by businesses of every description, in every industry – from retail to financial services and the public sector.”

Here are the skills that are most in-demand by employers (Source: LinkedIn, October 2016):

1. Cloud and distributed computing

2. Statistical analysis and data mining

3. Web architecture and development framework

4. Middleware and integration software

5. User interface design

6. Network and information security

7. Mobile development

8. Data Presentation

9. SEO/SEM marketing

10. Storage and systems management

“It’s practically a given that tech skills will continue to be the most sought-after,” says Nathan Bryant-Taukiri.

“It is important that professionals across the Information, Digital and Technology landscape keep their technical skills current and aligned to those most in-demand. In addition, now is a great time for people who are thinking about a career in tech to acquire new skills - particularly in the areas highlighted above - that will help them to get hired by employers.” 

Businesses are increasingly looking to leverage the latest technology and data to gain a commercial edge, which has led to an exceptionally high demand for professionals with cloud and distributed computing and data and analytical skills. Cloud and distributed computing continues to dominate the #1 spot (2015 and 2016) and statistical analysis and data mining came in at #2 in 2016 and 2015, and #1 in 2014 in the Top Skills list. With demand for candidates with the relevant skills currently exceeding supply, employers need to be creative when it comes to attracting specialists to fill roles and are increasingly putting a greater emphasis on re-training and upskilling existing staff.

Web architecture and development framework now ranks #5 in the Top Skills list, up five places from #10 last year as web increases its dominance as the preferred delivery channel.

The LinkedIn report also highlighted that demand is slowing for marketers: “While marketing skills like marketing campaign management, SEO/SEM, and channel marketing were in high demand in 2015, things have changed. This year, SEO/SEM dropped five spots from #4 to #9 and marketing campaign management dropped completely off the list. Demand for marketing skills is slowing because the supply of people with marketing skills has caught up with employers’ demand for people with marketing skills.”, says Catherine Fisher, LinkedIn’s Career Expert.

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