Spring, the season of success?

Spring, the season of success?

You made it. You survived the depths of winter; the seemingly endless rain, the eternal dark, the runny nose. In the gloomy weather, it’s hard to avoid feeling a little lack lustre in respect to work and easy to let the things you enjoy most slip from your routine. To put it bluntly, August has probably been a drag. But never fear, spring is here. And with it, the chance to reengage your energy, passion and desire for success.

So how do you make spring the season of success and re-engage your missing mojo? Well it starts with a good look at yourself, defining what success means to you and how to get there.

A performance and achievement audit is the perfect place. Taking time to review how you have performed, what you have achieved and how you currently measure up to your agreed objectives will provide a fulsome picture that allows you to celebrate where you have been and also identify where you need to go. Start by noting down;

  • three things you have achieved at work that have made you feel proud
  • three areas of your job you’re performing well in
  • three areas that could use some more attention and improvement

Also pull out your agreed goals and review them with the same structure; achievements, performance and improvement. This helps you see the areas that you and your manager are focusing on when measuring success.

This refocusing exercise helps you identify what you want to achieve, but next is the need to break down the steps needed to get there. Often there is a reason the incompletes are incomplete; they are big tasks to undertake. Bite-sized tasks will help with this, as you turn the daunting into doable. Take each task and break it down into smaller actions, these will seem more achievable and more appealing.

But while all of this makes perfect sense it takes time, energy and a desire for success. What if you just can’t find these three things to even get started on being more successful? The answer lies in your passion. Not necessarily your passion for your job but your passion in general. Think about the things that make you happy, the things you choose to do before anything else, the ones that you talk about most or think of first. Are these featuring in your weekly planner? And if not, then it’s most important to prioritise their reintroduction. Once our passion is reignited, then we see its energy and effect flow into other areas of our lives and its momentum drive success in all facets.

Spring is the traditional time of new growth and the perfect time to focus on your own development. Remember your success is owned and determined by you so reignite your passion and the world is your oyster.