Promoting a career in tech

Promoting a career in tech

With the ever-increasing skill shortage in the NZ tech sector, we all have a part to play in promoting technology as a legitimate career option to our homegrown students, the people who could make up the teams of our future.

A couple of weeks ago Potentia had just this opportunity to do our bit by hosting two groups of high school students from Henderson High and Auckland Girls Grammar as part of the annual Workchoice Days. This programme is run by Workchoice, the youth employment organisation whose purpose is to empower young people to make great employment choices beyond school.

Workchoice Days connect industry professionals with students to enable the sharing of real world information and experience so these students can become better informed and equipped to successfully transition into sustainable employment.

This happens in two parts. Following a morning of conference-style guest speakers, the students then visit a variety of workplaces, of which Potentia was one.

We were approached by Workchoice as we’re able to fly the flag for both the NZ tech and recruitment industries, killing two birds with one stone. Through sharing our knowledge of the various entry points, career options, progression paths and skill trends in the tech and recruitment industries we equipped the students with information to inform their next steps into the tertiary education and/or workforce (that it is our specialty, after all!).

This exercise certainly highlighted how much talent and intelligence resides in our students that could forge the building blocks of the next generation of the local tech industry. The curiosity and enthusiasm from this crowd was palpable, they just need more information about the jobs available.

It was rewarding to be involved in such a great programme and we can but hope we inspired a few more young people to pursue their passion for technology and make it their career. For those of you who are interested in taking part in this programme, we cannot encourage participation enough, so please do reach out to Potentia or Workchoice directly.

If you’d like to find out more about Workchoice and how you can get involved too check out their website -

Bring on Generation Next to the Tech sector.