Money Can't Buy You Happiness, But it Can Buy You Love

Scrooge McDuck

Show me the money! I need a dollar.

Mo Money mo problems (whatever that means). I could quote all day. I’ll discuss happiness first, then love second.

I recently caught up with a client who is employed by a large software company in a senior sales role. He’s been there for two years and ostensibly took the role as it would allow him to earn significantly more money than his previous role – which was already over $200,000 per annum. No, not everyone is paid this much in IT but the best in the upper echelon are. They deserve to be.

Surprisingly this role was a step down – it didn’t encompass the managerial aspects of his prior role but did involve selling bigger dollar contracts. Now he’s NOT being challenged and he wants out. It reiterated for me that in careers as in life, the reality is that money does not buy you happiness!

I’ve had this corroborated by some fairly wealthy people who will tell you that it takes away the little problems (which are replaced by other larger ones) and can give you choices. But in and of itself, money doesn’t make you happy.

So why am I talking about this now?

Seeing the Software Sales guy reminded me that people place far too much importance on money when looking for a new role. There are four reasons that consistently rank higher when people leave a job;

  1. I didn’t like/understand/agree with my boss
  2. The above – but directed to colleagues
  3. I didn’t agree with the organisational direction or values
  4. I wasn’t communicated with about the company enough

Yet it’s one of the top considerations when evaluating a new role and it shouldn’t be.

I’d propose that it’s more important to ask the following type of questions;

  • What’s your management style like?
  • Why did the last three people resign?
  • What’s the organisations mission and what do you do about living into this every month?
  • How do you resolve internal issues when they arise? And so on….

What about love?

Well I’ve just been in Thailand for a quick break and a recharge of the batteries. I’d thoroughly recommend Koh Tao to anyone wanting something slightly off the beaten path. Preceding the week on the island was two days I had in Bangkok. This showed that love is available for both purchase and rental – so maybe money can buy you love…