Maybe you're not cut out for this kind of work

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I attended a great buddy's wedding in the Bay of Islands recently.

It was everything that you'd hope for in a wedding/holiday trip: great mates, solid weather, an excellent event and a wee bit of learning. Although the learning didn't take the form I expected. Let me explain.

Our first learning or should I say mistake started two nights before the wedding when we headed out for a bite. My mate Andy (bless his cotton socks) hadn't planned this, so 35 of us descended onto a small restaurant - not a recipe for success. Seeing a two hour wait and with a hungry wife in tow, a breakaway group decided to relocate to an alternative venue.

One of our buddy's (as it was a small town and I guess he was thirsty) decided to take his wine glass along for the walk. Entering a Thai establishment, the glass carrier decided to take the initiative and head to the largest table. Made sense, there was six of us, and only six others in total dining. Mistake number two.

The proprietor (bizarrely a 60-ish white kiwi male) decided that we were up to no good, and needed sorting out. Three warnings, one threat and some finger waggling later I’d had enough and said something to the effect of "thanks very much for the opportunity to peruse your fine establishment sir, but on this evening I believe we will take our custom elsewhere". And we left. Once I’d calmed down I actually couldn't stop laughing. I mean who treats their customers like that?!

Our discussion later (over a very nice gluten free pizza) concluded that maybe he wasn't cut out for that kind of work. You know, service with humans. Perhaps an abattoir would've suited him better.

Jokes aside, there is relevance and learnings here for all of us. Are you really cut out for the vocation you've ended up in? Did you choose it, or it you? Just because you're good at something, it doesn't mean you need to enjoy it. The perfect point of effectiveness often occurs at the intersection of enjoyment and capability.

Is it time you considered these truisms for yourself? I have a chapter in my free book (ok it’s more of a fat pamphlet) dedicated to changing vocations. It’s a checklist and guide, so not a definite guide but I’ve had feedback that it’s very useful and people have learnt a thing or two in their career change.

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