Lasciviously crossing the Line

Crossing the line

A previous blog focused on the importance for NZ employers to develop comfort and experience with recruiting from offshore.

I used the by-line “Do you like sex and travel too?” It was intended as an attention-grabber. And it worked, we had a readership for this article that was well above the average.

This high readership promoted numerous comments from previously unheard-from quarters. Never before have we had so many supportive or distressed comments. If I offended anyone by the use of the word sex – it was not my intention, I apologise for this offense.

So strong were the feelings this evoked that I was even described as lascivious (I have a well vocabulary-ied colleague who used this word sometime recently meaning I’d already looked it up). For those who don’t have a wordsmith close by, it means feeling or revealing an overt and offensive sexual desire. Wow I thought, fairly extreme given the reality that literally the only lascivious thing in there was the word sex. The rest of the blog was dedicated to the importance of recruiting people from offshore. Which was a disappointment to some other people, once again proving that you can’t please all the people all the time, and sometimes you can’t please anybody.

Back to lascivious, I must say, it’s such a wonderfully descriptive word that it even sounds fun to say. I’m going to use it. As soon as I have an opportunity – I don’t get out much.

So on to the original focus in the first place, New Zealand employers becoming more open minded and better at recruiting from offshore. Our pop quiz proved popular and we gathered some good data to share with you;

The great majority (66%) of you would not be prepared to wait three months for your new hire. And nearly half (45%) of you consider someone from offshore as more risky than a candidate based here.

Doing some bush mathematics one could surmise that of the 1/3 of hirer's that could wait for an overseas candidate, half of them are not viewed as trustworthy as NZ candidates. Reducing the total number of all the potential hires in NZ to 1/6 being potentially appropriate for overseas candidates.

These numbers are not surprising to me as we have this challenge daily, the question is – how will we grow this sector and our economy with this pervasive thinking?