It's Time To Go Mobile - Google Says So

Mobile optimised

You review your online sales for the month and realise the month of April is down compared to normal. You wonder what has changed this month and check to see where the sales have come from. Yes, the numbers from word of mouth are as expected, advertising looks about normal as well… and then you notice there is a significant drop in those who say they found you through Google. You wonder, “Why is that?” – because you haven’t done anything radically differently this month.

You’re right, it’s not you who has done something different, it’s Google. Next month, if your website is not mobile optimised you will be that person reviewing your numbers and wondering what has happened to those referred through Google search…

We’re currently in the planning process of updating our website and there is literally no better time than the present. Like it or not, Google holds many of the cards in the search game and you would be silly to ignore them. Especially when for once they aren’t being vague about their impending changes; they’re actually being quite blunt about it.

As in the words of Google:

"Starting April 21, we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results."

To be frank, it’s fair enough as this one’s truly for the consumer. There’s nothing worse than visiting a website on your mobile which hasn’t been optimised for it. It’s a requirement of the future and Google’s just pushing all us archaic folk forwards for the sake of customer experience.

One thing that does surprise me however, is the lack of noise around the Google algorithm change. This is a big change that has the ability to heavily impact on many large and small businesses - yet many I’ve spoken to haven’t heard the news. In the past week, when I’ve asked marketers and business owners about their websites (and when they’ll be mobile optimised) they first sigh and then say “yes, it’s in the pipeline” or “it’s on my wish list”. Then I advise them of the news, I watch their faces drop and turn a slight shade of greenish grey as they realise the true implications of what I’m saying.

There is some good news; if you’re a web developer that is! Because of the changes, there’s a real opportunity to get out there and help all those businesses who have no idea what Google has planned. And if you think you’re one of those who turned greenish grey at the thought, perhaps it’s time to take that sales call or employ a contractor who can help you out.