How do we contribute?

Recently I raved about how proud we all are of our vibrant tech sector. You probably got a sense that we’re pretty passionate advocates of NZ Inc.

What’s more we’re very grateful for the opportunities that this sector has offered Potentia, making it possible for us to build a thriving, enduring business for over 13 years.  

With this in mind we’ve asked ourselves, “What is our contribution?” What do we give in return? In essence, our core focus since inception has been to help businesses realise their strategies through people - connecting them with the right individuals who can execute these strategies well. Our core contribution has been to help clients grow and succeed, and skilled professionals to build rewarding careers. To date I think this is something we’ve done pretty well.

But what else can we do, and outside of just doing good business?

The answer for us is to support the up and comers-the future leaders of the industry. For our school kids, we have the FIT Programme. For tech grads, we have the Potentia Scholarship at the University of Auckland. And as of this month we’re further supporting the innovative startup community itself in a new and exciting way. We’re delighted to announce our sponsorship of the Flying Kiwi Angels (FKA), an angel investment community that is "proud to back successful startups and budding entrepreneurs”. We see this cornerstone relationship as a key way for Potentia to further help the sector thrive. Through it we’ll have the chance to share our knowledge of hiring, resource planning and skills availability during drop-in sessions, pitch nights and workshops. We’re grateful to FKA for this opportunity and to look forward to contributing in practical ways that we hope will make a real difference.