Fresh air, sandy beaches, sheep and great living standards… experience the kiwi way of life

Moving to New Zealand

It is many peoples’ dream to move to New Zealand, to settle here and make this amazing country their home. And who would blame them!

This country is like no other place in the world. It offers some of the freshest air one could wish for, beautiful sandy beaches, great living standards and a safe living environment. It is also covered with amazingly green pastures that are dotted with sheep, sheep, and well, even more sheep…

These are all reasons why I moved here 15 years ago myself. I am absolutely loving it.

In my role as a Senior Recruitment Consultant here at Potentia, I meet a lot of people that migrate to New Zealand who also have the intention of getting a job and making it their new home. Whilst it seems like a quagmire, when you know what you are doing it’s just a process with a number of steps. From my experience, moving country is one big adventure and a challenge in itself, as you leave behind your homeland, your friends and a lot of memories as well. You hop on a plane and tah-dah, you’re suddenly here.

So, where do you start, you ask me?

Well I hope you started your preparation way before you hopped on that plane! Before getting on that plane it is a good idea to do some research on the country, the job market, and the salaries as well as when to move.

Here are some useful questions to ask yourself, before booking those flights:

What opportunities do you expect you’d get for yourself and your family? It might worthwhile having a think about what job you may land as well as what your other half may find. That way you are ensuring you settle and are all happy once in New Zealand.

Next, do you know what the cost of living is here, including medical charges? Compared to many other international countries, the cost of living and an enjoyable lifestyle seem to be more obtainable in New Zealand. So thumbs up, you should be good.

Will you buy or rent a home once you arrive? Right now, in my opinion it is best to just rent a place rather than buy. Recently the house prices in New Zealand have soared (not the news you want to hear, I know but it is all temporary), so renting could be your best option to start with.

Next, have you done your research regarding how much you can earn and how much you will need to earn to live comfortably in New Zealand? You can find information regarding IT salaries on our website, however remember that you cannot simply convert your current salary that you are earning in your country to New Zealand currency and expect to earn the same (or more). I have found the market quite different compared to my home country, so I would recommend researching New Zealand wages and the cost of living. From my experience I have found that many foreigners do not take into account when researching salaries that salaries are quoted in gross amounts, and that income tax will be deducted from this amount.

Finally and most importantly too, you will need to find out if you are in fact eligible to live here. So please visit the New Zealand Immigration site.

In addition, please find some useful links that I have listed at the end of this blog. Also please feel free to connect with me directly and I will assist you and answer all your queries regarding the move.

It is a long list of things to consider, I know. But hear me out, this is an essential part of the process and you should take it all into consideration if you want to minimise (if not eliminate) any potential frustrations or ‘surprises’ once you move. Remember, you are moving here for a better life after all, so it might pay to do some ground work. Then you can move over, land a good job, settle in, put your feet up and enjoy a great Kiwi BBQ on a sunny afternoon with a glass of beer in your hand, the Kiwi way that is!

Now as for the job hunt itself, let’s talk about it next time, shall we?
Until then!