Emerging Technologies Evening: Event Recap

This year has seen exponential growth in the number of organisations using emerging technologies - think AI, machine learning, robotics, IoT, Blockchain and AR/VR - in the past few months we’ve had a number of folks reach out and ask if we would be willing to host an event where they could meet like-minded techies and discuss these new technologies.

We always enjoy the opportunity to be part of these get-togethers and were more than happy to leverage our networks to bring everyone together last night, for our Emerging Tech event. It was a mixed group - some folks are already using some of these technologies and others have identified a need to start doing so - and an opportunity for everyone to share their own stories and learn from others’ stories.

We were also lucky to be joined by Ron Stuart from the International Data Corporation (IDC). Ron, who is an Adjunct IT Executive Adviser for IDC Insights Asia Pacific, is a thought leader in this space and has a wealth of experience to share, particularly around the development of worksource/manpower transition strategies with an understanding of the ‘rise of the machine’ and the role of the ‘blended’ workforce (staff, contingent, supplier provided people and AI/robotics). Rather conveniently Ron is also an old colleague of mine from my Wellington days and he was happy to come along and impart his knowledge!

The session was highly interactive with some thought-provoking discussions on topics across the emerging tech space ranging from adoptability, dispersion and mainstreaming of these exciting initiatives.  This was coupled with some poignant messages around the workforce of the future, the future of the human being, basic universal income, and the role of trust and empathy in the brave new world. It was our Potentia Scholar ‘17 and Graduate-in-Residence Flynn van Os whose message was a key takeaway for me: “are we academically preparing our youth to effectively navigate this landscape?” - the conclusion from the group a resounding no!

A big thank you to everyone who joined us last night, and to Ron for speaking. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did, and found value from the discussions. If you have any feedback we’d love to hear your thoughts. We do hope to host more events in the future so stay tuned.

*As mentioned earlier, we love being involved in these type of events so if you would like to discuss something similar please get in touch by emailing me at [email protected].