Designertech insights: Embrace change as the inevitable

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Author: this article was originally posted on the Designertech Blog by Ray Delany, CEO of Designertech.

Down here in our corner of the world we can too often be inundated with information, news and opinions from overseas thought leaders (American, British, Australian)/ I lot of it is relevant, some of it isn’t, mostly because it’s a bit outside of our reality here in New Zealand. But we also have inventive, innovation, bright minds right here in our own country.

What’s on the mind of New Zealand based technology thought leaders?

Notice how at conferences or other social events, you’ll almost always sit in the same place for every session? As a species, we love familiarity and that’s what makes IT something of a major aberration. Instead of the repeatability that we prefer as creatures of comfort, it is a constant, jarring change, which probably best characterises the technology industry.

That much was confirmed by Josh Comrie, interviewed at our 20th-anniversary celebrations. The managing director of recruitment specialist Potentia says the most valuable lesson he has learned from the industry is this: “Don’t expect it to stay the same. Whatever it is you’re using today is conceivably going to be quite different tomorrow and then again the day after that.”

Pinning it all down, therefore, is an ever-present challenge. For our clients, however, this isn’t always top of mind – after all, you have a business to run. Instead, Designertech has a responsibility not only to stay on top of the best options and technologies for today, but also those, which are emerging and will shape tomorrow.

With so much change, there is of course the danger of barking up the wrong tree, agrees Comrie. “You have to be very, very clear on the purpose and what you’re trying to achieve from the technology you’re acquiring. I’ve had some mis-starts and lost steps along the way from buying technology and not getting the results we wanted. Get complete clarity from the get-go.”

These are two key lessons which he says have served well over the years, “but unfortunately, they’ve served me well because I’ve learnt the hard way about them!”

With IT changing so rapidly, Comrie notes that little is set in stone. “I struggle to think of anything now that is a permanent solution. We have an expectation that some technology will always be there, like the phone, but even that construct will continue to change over time.”

Strongly implying that peering into the future is a particularly difficult thing to do when it comes to technology, Comrie does have one pick for where change is taking the industry: “As we all know, we’re seeing the end of housing [infrastructure and services] in your own organisation, chucking it [instead] up in the cloud. That’s only going to become a greater force and a bigger part of the next few years.”

This article was originally posted on the Designertech blog.