Company Karma

good karma

You've heard of karma right?

What goes around comes around, you get what you give, and you are what you eat...? Well maybe not the last one but I think you get what I mean.

I believe in karma.

I did for quite some time before I knew what it was. I think that there's a fine balance that exists in the universe, and putting positive stuff in means that you're likely to get some positive stuff out. But it goes beyond giving money to charity and helping someone elderly across the street. I think it permeates everything that we touch and do...

What do I mean?

Well, I once read that you get the partner you deserve. It was in the context of life partner, but the same applies to business partner - both the fellow shareholders you have and the people you transact business with.

This thought was reminded to me when my personal trainer mentioned a quite well known NZ business person who had ripped a number of people off. It was a simple as taking ideas and as dastardly (I just love being able to use that word) as not paying people what they were due, and preferring the court option. If you've not had any experience with this, in New Zealand the outcome tends to favour the person being chased. Even my lawyer has said that the only people who win from suing are the lawyers. This means, if possible, we end up in the small claims court - if you've been there you'll know that it should be renamed the “major pain court” or “no gains court”.

Anyway, this gentleman had endless challenges. His business partner left and took some key ideas and designs, staff and customers. Apparently he was heard crying “poor me!” Whereas in reality he'd shafted the partner - spurring them to give him some of his own medicine. I suspect if he'd looked after his partner and treated him fairly, this wouldn't have happened.

This simple story reminded me that you reap what you sow. Things will always come back to bite you somehow. If you're a bad customer you'll probably end up with bad customers yourself. If you don't pay suppliers, your customers may not. Treat your staff badly, they'll leave and negatively impact your employment brand, and may even intentionally damage things on the way out the door.

So I say, do right by others, and they'll probably do right by you.

Now please don't think I see the world as a fluffy cotton wool wrapped place of niceness. I always enter new relationships with open eyes and check the signs closely for actions matching words. If there's a conflict, I'll endeavour to address it, and if nothing changes it's time to get out.

Could your karmic force do with a polish up?