Checking in with Flynn: What's ahead in 2018 for our Graduate-in-Residence

When we meet an impressive young talent we love following their progress. We always knew our 2017 Potentia Scholar and Graduate-in-Residence Flynn van Os was destined for big things and we recently caught up with him to see what he’s been up to and what lies ahead this year. As you can see, he’s been busy!

 Looking back on 2017

 “2017 finished on a high for me, with a number of big achievements. Following the completion of my Bachelor in Science degree at the University of Auckland I was invited to complete my honours degree in Computer Science. I also received an internship at Orion Health working in their Software Development Team over the uni break, where I’ve learnt a lot so far. I also released a major update (version 2.0)  of  my scheduling app Schemes including a completely reworked code base.

 As a result of the scholarship from Potentia, I developed both personally and professionally through a number of things they helped me with: I was invited to some great networking events I wouldn’t have otherwise had available to me, their coaching and support was awesome, and I really enjoyed the events they hosted where I learned a lot about the tech industry and its future.

 On a personal level I picked up a new interest in statistics and machine learning, and have also been working on a few other projects, some of which I hope to release in 2018.”

 The year ahead

 “As I mentioned earlier, this year I’ll be doing a Bachelor in Science (Honours) with a research component in machine learning, more specifically - probably - deep learning. Workwise, I am well into my internship at Orion Health and have no new planned work commitments yet, although I expect that will probably play a part in 2018 too.

 Personally, I have a few projects lined up that I’ll be working on too. My speciality has always been Android development, but this year I want to branch out from that and to further develop more skills. I’ll also of course keep working to improve my skills and networks which I know is so vital in this hyper-connected world that we live in today.  I’ll be busy, but I’m looking forward to it all!”

It has been great to have Flynn as our Potentia Scholar and we have been most impressed with his willingness to embrace the opportunities on offer.  In return we have been most privileged to have Flynn in residence with us and his insights into how the newer generation navigates this rapidly evolving tech world has been most beneficial.  We wish Flynn all the best with his endeavours this year and look forward to continuing to follow his progress. No doubt about it, he’s one to watch!