Can you really trust your gut? And should you?

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Have you ever been in an interview and thought to yourself "this person just feels right"?

This can happen from either side of the table (not the interview table at the Cop-shop - that would just be weird), but is a sensation felt most regularly by interviewers.

As a recruiter, it’s important for me to understand what aspects in terms of skills, knowledge and experience (the only three facets that make up your work life by the way) appeal and don't appeal to a hiring leader. At the conclusion of an interview when we conduct a debrief, if the interviewer is being very frank, the yes/no judgement often comes down to gut feel.

My hypothesis is as follows:

So what is gut feel then? People will often describe it as a 'fit' - when further probing is conducted and analysis requested it’s frequently difficult for the client to describe. I'd propose to you that it’s the interviewer actually liking the person; that small endorphin release of positivity that comes from interacting with this type of human. This makes you feel good and you want more!

And where does that gut or fit feel come from...?

Unless you're a highly skilled interviewer (i.e. extensively trained and hundreds of interviews behind you) you have that sensation because you recognise something in them that is like you. They have a similar communication style, thought pattern or way of looking at things. This all adds up to liking them. Look around at your friends and partner - you'll probably have some things in common.

Now I would propose that liking the person will lead you to pursue the individual and conceivably hire them. They'll probably be keen as they'll feel the same way!

Here comes the crux of the issue:

If you build your organisation with people that are similar to you, then you'll end up with the same blind spots. You think in similar ways and come up with the same solutions - and miss the same things.

I leave you with this:

I once read a quote that went "if there are two of us in the room and we both share the same opinion then there may as well only be one".