Are you surrounding yourself with radiators or drainers?

Happy and sad faces - radiators and drainers

Every year as winter lands on us, we start the winter routine of cranking up the radiators to keep us warm at night and ensuring the drains are unblocked of leaves to ensure the rain drains away.

One wise person once told me to surround yourself with people who are radiators and distance yourself from drainers. Radiators glow with happiness and bring out the good things in life, and the drainers, well they do the opposite - they bring you down and drain life out of those around them. So as winter is now upon us, and you have started your winter routines, how about also taking a look at who are the radiators and drainers in your life.

No matter whether you are on the job hunt, looking to take on more responsibilities in your role or have other life or relationship goals that you want to achieve, you will want to lean on friends and colleagues. However if these friends or colleagues are the drainer type, they will most probably pull you down or even stop you achieving these things. I’m not saying to necessarily completely remove these people from your lives, as sometimes they will give you a worthwhile reality check, but they can be detrimental to your success. Instead, you need to actively surround yourself with radiators. People who will pick you up, encourage you and support you towards reaching your goals.

If you are unsure whether someone is a radiator or drainer consider this:

  • When spending time with them do you find yourself speaking negatively about yourself? Do you find yourself saying more passive phrases such as ‘I will try or ‘I don’t know if I can’?
  • Are they big moaners who generally look at things from the glass is half-empty approach?
  • Do they support you and celebrate your successes?
  • Do they make you feel energised?
  • Do they make you feel positive?
  • Do they inspire you to achieve your goals?

How do your friends and colleagues see you?

As well as looking at whether you are surrounding yourself with drainers, it is important to consider whether you are at risk of becoming one or viewed as one through association. In the office, you don’t want to hang around with the disengaged employees who hate their jobs, bosses and the company itself, as other employees will associate you as being one of them. Also spending time with these types of people will most likely turn you into one of them.

So as you get into your winter routines take some time to assess who you surround yourself with and perhaps it’s time to clear out those drains and find a couple of great new radiators.