Too often, the recruitment industry tends to operate with only one-half of their role title in mind and end up being 'Recruiters'. As experts in the Talent Acquisition and Management industry, we aim to add demonstrable value at each and every interaction we have with you. Our aim is to become your trusted advisor and provide you with the best employment consulting.

Our standard employment consulting

We are able to provide is across our areas of core competence, which are:

  • Interview coaching and tips (from both sides of the table)
  • Job description analysis and content/constitution suggestion
  • Career advice and suggestion

Specific and tailored consulting services are also available.

Our employment consulting services are tailored to meet your needs and may carry an additional charge. With our range of experience and backgrounds, we are well equipped with offering these services across a range of products:

  • Culture, competence and risk audit - a full consulting piece where we map out your organisation and key resource, identifying opportunities for growth and areas of risk
  • Benchmarking - when recruiting for a newly created role this involves a test go to market to assess the role and skills sought
  • Talent preview - rather than recruiting purely across a small snapshot of time, this service provides a continual view of talented individuals who may be of benefit to your business.

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