Great companies are made of great people, and our mission is to help you achieve excellence through our comprehensive sourcing approach.

As a leader of people, we appreciate that you have a broad and varied set of responsibilities, which collate to create your role. These responsibilities can be occasionally conflicting, and frequently changing.

How we can help you to secure the right IDT talent

Our objective is to look beyond the traditional role of a recruiter and step into that of the consultant, where we will provide you with resources and support to allow you to function more effectively.  Our people are also skilled and passionate about creating strong long lasting relationships with the best IDT candidates and contractors in New Zealand and abroad. This enables us to connect you with the top talent.

Post Placement

Our commitment to our clients and candidates doesn’t end when the placement is made – we provide every permanent appointee with a tailored personal effectiveness coaching program to empower them to act, to grow and to be their best. Learn more about Coaching.

Hiring Resources

Salary Report: Our latest IDT Salary Report shows what IDT professionals are currently being paid and the latest hiring trends. The findings will enable you as a hiring manager to establish a realistic expectation for salaries and contractor rates in IDT occupations in New Zealand. View our latest Remuneration Report.

Reviewing CVs: Discover the most effective way to review a resume in as short a time as possible. How to review a CV.

Interview Resources: Our Interview Resources covers general interview tips, the different types of interview techniques, outlines what constitutes Behavioural, Competency and Situational interviews, a sample interview form and the Art of Interviewing eBook for hiring managers. View our Interview Resources.

Pre-employment Testing: As part of your recruitment process, you may consider pre-employment testing. There are several different types of assessment tools available, that can be a powerful addition to your recruitment process. Find out more about Pre-employment testing.

Are you struggling to fill your role? Read our tips and ideas that may help with your tough role.