Olivia Cole

Talent Manager
[email protected]

Year Joined:

I left my hometown (Whakatane; sunshine capital of NZ 2013) at the age of 17 to study Psychology at Victoria University in Wellington. It was here that I fully realised my passion for analysing people and discovering what makes them ‘tick’. Fast forward a few years and I found myself in recruitment; the perfect job for me where I can make a positive impact in people’s lives by helping them take the next step in their career. Plus, I get to meet some cool and interesting people too.


On the weekend I’ll most likely be: Catching up with friends over brunch, cooking a feast, or testing out new cake/brownie/cookie recipes. My weekend mostly revolves around food.

Weirdest travel destination: Nagykáta; a small town about an hour outside of Budapest. They grow paprika peppers there.

Weirdest food eaten: Snails in France. Never again.

Tech I couldn’t live without: Probably my Fitbit. Counting your daily steps gets addictive (especially when you are in a competition with your colleagues).