Nathan Bryant-Taukiri

Managing Director
[email protected]

Year Joined:

I joined Potentia at the end of its first year in 2005 to help Josh grow the business while it was in start-up mode. I have always been enamoured with technology which is why all of my career choices have been true to this fascination. I have revelled in the opportunity to connect with and support the growth of exciting Kiwi firms who have either built a business around an innovative tech offering or have harnessed tech-centric solutions to drive innovative change into their core businesses.

I have had incredible opportunities at Potentia to grow my professional capabilities - from my time in the seat as a dedicated consultant until 2010, taking on the General Manager role from that point as well as embracing the management of our contracting business until early 2015. This year saw me switch to an operations focus where I became responsible for driving innovation within our business processes and technology adoption. Consequently, we live and breathe the cloud paradigm; from our implementation of Salesforce as our core platform, Slack for communication, Geckoboard for real-time data visualisation, Trello for strategy planning and execution, Lucidcharts for business process mapping and content navigation to Google Drive for document collaboration.

I’m an avid researcher of emerging approaches to business, currently the nexus of data-driven analytics-based decision making, as a service economies, and the adoption of digital business models.

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Fun fact:
My wing span is just on 2M so I have got some long arms!

Tech I couldn’t live without:
All tech - iPad, Smart phone, Smart watch, etc...

On the weekend I’ll most likely be...:
Down on the floor channeling my inner 3-year-old.

Weirdest travel destination:
Zanzibar. A fusion of tropical island paradise and slavery.

Craziest job hunter quote:
“I acquitted great skills”