Michael Minyazev

Talent Manager
[email protected]

Year Joined:

My recruitment career has been an amazing journey that has taken me to various locations across Russia, the Middle East, Central Asia and finally New Zealand. During this time, I've recruited engineers for one of the largest oil & gas projects in the world, managed mass recruitment campaigns in Iraq, and selected top talent for multiple project teams in the UAE.

Following the tectonic changes in the world economy and especially in the tech sector, I decided to further my development by focusing on jobs across the Innovation, Digital and Tech landscape. I enjoy my daily interactions with the people who change this world by creating amazing products that are making people’s lives easier and more convenient. Listening to their stories and being able to help them to make the right career choices drives me and fills me with satisfaction about my job.

What I do in my free time:

Spend time with my wife and three children.

Weirdest travel destinations:

Permafrost land above the Arctic Circle in Russia. It is calm, white and freezing cold.

Musical talent:

I enjoy playing the piano.

Craziest quote heard from a candidate:

“Help me to get this role – I will give you half of my annual salary”.