Julian Lambert

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Year Joined:

I joined Potentia in January 2006 young, fresh-faced, eager to grow both NZ’s Tech sector and Potentia. Sadly, I’m neither young nor fresh-faced anymore. But, that burning desire to drive growth has not faltered. My vision to capture global recognition for our Tech community and Potentia as high-value innovators has only just begun.

Most of my curiosity and interest has been developed within the fast-growth, software and electronics product vendor arena. Here, a tremendous difference can be made to these often short-handed new businesses. Through Potentia’s key appointments and introductions; these teams can work faster, more effectively, incorporating global standards within their tools, processes and approaches to produce greater world-first products. And in turn, these guys put NZ on the map.

Prior to beginning my recruitment career, I completed a Graduate Diploma of Business specialising in IT. Fresh out of University, I took on a role as an Account Manager with an up and coming Sales and Service IT Company. After developing this business and their markets, I reformed their business processes and workflows and developed an enduring interest in this area. My career then took me further into IT and Telecommunications roles before travelling on to Japan. There, I cut my teeth recruiting in the competitive headhunting market of Tokyo before returning home to New Zealand.

Being back in New Zealand I decided to continue my recruitment career and interest in technology by working at Potentia. The satisfaction I gain from assisting technology professionals in guiding their career choices and the impact that these people make on their growing employers has kept me driven throughout my nine years at Potentia IT Recruitment.


Text Julian to 215 to load Julian’s contact details to your phone.

Role specialisations:
Anything across SDLC really.

Tech I couldn’t live without:
iPhone and it’s glorious number of apps and incredible connectivity. I really cannot imagine how my life would run without it.

Weirdest food eaten:
Salmon sperm glands (raw). I don’t wanna talk about it.

On my playlist:
A lot of deep thumping nursery rhymes, with some progressive vocal Wiggle mixes.

09 550 8552

Julian has done an excellent job

28 July 2015

I would have to say Julian has done an excellent job. We had very specific requirements, and although we didn't fill the role timely enough, it was more a reflection of our requirements and the market, more than anything else. Julian worked very hard on the role and was always forthcoming and open with his approach.

Client feedback on Julian Lambert

Zhi Lee

A professional placement company with a great personal approach

22 October 2014

I have finally landed this Saturday and started my first day at Orion today. I was very touched by the cake you sent. Thank you so much! I must say I had a great experience working with you and Potentia. I have never worked with such a professional placement company with a great personal approach.

Candidate feedback on Julian Lambert

Sagi A

I would certainly recommend Julian to my colleagues

15 September 2014

I would certainly recommend Julian to my colleagues. He's shown great knowledge, expertise and willingness to help me anytime he can.

Candidate feedback on Julian Lambert


Far better service and result than expected!

05 August 2015

Far better service and result than expected! Managed to get an offer in just over a week from the first call with Julian, which was much sooner than I had considered.

Candidate feedback on Julian Lambert.

Nik Ho