Jamie Blackwell

Senior Account Manager
[email protected]

Year Joined:

I have worked in recruitment for over six years and my passion for tech has led to all of my work focusing on emerging technologies, development, testing and product management. I also recruit roles across the projects, infrastructure, consulting and the design spaces.

I have an in-depth knowledge of the tech sector and am committed to building long-term partnerships with clients.

Fun fact:
My father is the head brewer for the 3rd largest brewery in New Zealand, this equals free beer for me!

On the weekend I’ll most likely be...:
On the mountain in winter and on the beach in summer. Maybe some mountain biking, weather permitting.

Weirdest travel destination:
French Lick, Indiana, USA. A small slice of France in North America. It is as strange as it sounds but amazing people.

Tech I couldn’t live without:
I have recently brought a Mac Book, don’t know what I have done without one for the last 28 years.

Craziest Client quote:
“One last question. Do you come from a development background?”

Weirdest food eaten:
Raw kina, delicious but still very weird.

Music on my phone:
Led Zepplin, deep purple, Credence Clear Water, Bowie (RIP), NAS and Biggie.