Gayle Johnston

Personal Effectiveness Coach & HR Lead

Year Joined:

A Social Work graduate of the University of Canterbury Gayle has worked in the area of Human Relations for over 25 years. During this period, she has coached clients from one of New Zealand's largest Employer Assisted Programs and been a Counsellor, Clinical Manager and Supervisor in private practice and social agencies. In her role as Personal Effectiveness Coach Gayle’s role is to help empower people to make the most of their new role in the critical first few months.

“Starting a new role is a demanding time for most as they take on new challenges and adjust to a new environment. It is also very exciting as it now gives the candidate the opportunity to show their new employer that they have made the right choice in choosing them. My role is to establish a relationship where we can explore areas that may be holding them back, celebrate the effort they are putting in to make the transition run smoothly, set goals and develop behaviours that will help them in getting the most satisfaction out of their role. My approach is to assist people in reaching their full potential by educating and empowering them, so they can celebrate the unique and talented person that they are.”

Tech I couldn’t live without:
I couldn't be without my iPhone, once I left it in the toilets at Potentia and spent the night grieving for my "best friend". I felt very excited when 'we' were reunited the next day.

On the weekend I’ll most likely be...:
On the weekend, I am most likely to sleep in late, have breakfast in bed and chill out with family.

Weirdest food eaten:
The weirdest food I have ever eaten was frogs legs and snails whilst on our honeymoon in Noumea. They were actually very tasty however, I have never indulged in them since.

I have established a stronger, more solid foundation in which to engage others

01 December 2014

Coming through these workshops, I have developed a greater self-awareness particularly in conflict situations which I now approach more even keel. These situations result in better mutually agreeable outcomes. Generally, I feel more confident, reliable and consistent in everyday situations. I told Gayle that I feel I have established a stronger, more solid foundation in which to engage others.

Candidate feedback on Personal Effectiveness Coach, Gayle Johnston-Mullany

Noel Paggao

I'd like to congratulate Gayle for the excellent work she does

12 September 2013

I'm writing to say thanks for the coaching sessions organised with Gayle. While I was very reluctant initially to undergo the course, I felt its value immediately after the first session. Gayle was splendid and her strength relied on listening to all the issues we face in a new job and introducing us to new ways to think and gather energy. I am very glad that Potentia offers this initiative and would like to congratulate Gayle for the excellent work she does.

Candidate feedback on coaching with Gayle Johnston-Mullany.

Suresh, Technical Architect