Carl McWilliams

Account Manager
[email protected]

Year Joined:

Finishing my degree in Film, TV, Media Studies and Sociology in 2014, I took the typical arts student approach to employment by finding work outside these disciplines. Playing music and working concurrently in print advertising/editorial and industrial recruitment I quickly found a strong desire to help candidates into roles that were the right fit for them in the long term. After two and half years experiencing all the weird and wonderful aspects of the industrial sector, IT recruitment stood out as the next challenge.



09 555 6738

Weirdest food eaten:

Trdelník in Prague. AMAZING and only weird because the size and amount of sugar left me incapacitated on the footpath after consumption.

Music on my playlist:

Anything and everything however heavily dominated by rap and hip hop right now. Kayne, Bowie, Flight Facilities, Lorde, Gary Clark Jr, Bill Evans, Jeff Buckley. Too hard to make a concise list!

Craziest job hunter quote:

“Are you Russian? Because you look Russian and your accent sounds Russian.”