Alice Raumer

Senior Talent Manager
[email protected]

Year Joined:

In my early 20’s, when it came to choosing my career path and matching my passions with a job that I would enjoy, I immediately knew it had to be something which involved people. Therefore, because I’m quite a reflective person (I like to reason and discuss philosophy, the human being, society and other similar topics), I opted for a degree in HR. Since then I’ve mainly worked in recruitment, training and development and I am happy with my decision; I have met so many people who have had a good impact on me and my life.

I like the development of the mind, the capability of human beings to empower, innovate and adapt to changes. That’s why I started working in tech recruitment, because technology provides tools that make a difference to our lifestyle.



Role specialisation:

Recruitment & talent management across a broad range of innovation, digital and technology jobs.

Tech I couldn’t live without:

My Kindle. It’s literally a portable library and it only weighs 200g!

Favourite reading genre:

Fantasy and Philosophy.

On the weekend I’ll most likely be...:

On the weekend I like going out for breakfast, cooking, reading and exploring the city. I also like sport and I am always looking for new disciplines to try!